Turfspec Landscapes can design complete irrigation systems for your entire garden, We can also modify and add new zones to an existing system in order to accommodate a change in landscaping and plant sizes as well as changes to watering times from season to season. At Turfspec Landscapes, we install new irrigation systems for residential and commercial customers in Gauteng. We install your irrigation system in such a way to achieve 110% coverage ensuring all your plants and lawn areas are watered effectively. Once the new system is installed we will run through all the stations with our clients and hand over full instructions on how to use the system.


Turfspec Landscapes also offer irrigation services and repairs to all irrigation brands. With our maintenance services, we can make sure your system is working efficiently which will avoid your irrigation system from over or under watering.


We will perform the following during all irrigation system maintenance/repairs to keep your system up and running year after year:

Cleaning of all filters, nozzles and Solenoid Boxes (if Applicable)

Changing Battery in controller (If applicable)

Fixing leaks in irrigation piping (cutting and connecting only)

Cleaning of all sprayers and flushing the system

Directing sprayer spray, Straightening Risers and microjets.

Checking sprayer coverage and Replacement of nominal nozzles.

Programming controller appropriately for each station to accommodate, watering times as well as seasonal changes.

If you would like to learn more about the above please contact Turfspec Landscapes today.